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Often in our every day lives we are confronted with convictions (our own and those of others) without really knowing whether they are reasonable or based on prejudices. We tend to follow forms of action, and apply norms and rules without necessarily being able to state the grounds for or against them. Many patterns of behaviour and decisions may seem self-evident but do we really understand what lies behind them or what their consequences may be? We tend not to question most everyday actions, yet without critical evaluation, other, perhaps better alternatives cannot emerge.

Students in Philosophy at the University of Bremen are trained to think in a critical and structured manner during the course of which convictions or habits of behaviour gradually become transparent, thus bringing them into the realm of one’s grasp and influence. Most students experience no difficulty at first, but philosophical problems typically require scientific methods to be solved. Studying philosophy amounts to the study of a scientific discipline. It means delving into an immensely rich body of methods and models that have been developed over 2500 years of history. These must be studied and critically digested if one hopes to reach beyond a mere problematisation of convictions and habits that have become questionable over time. Furthermore, the study of philosophy comes arguably closer to the ideal of a scientific discipline than some other disciplines, because in philosophy it is impossible to understand a result or solution to a problem without understanding the path and method that led to it. Studying philosophy as a second subject is therefore recommended for those students whose ambition is to gain a deeper understanding of science itself and who want to understand what exactly they are doing when they are conducting science.


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